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Bundle branch block is a medical condition that results in either a delay or blockage along the electrical impulse pathway in the heart. It can occur on either the right or left side of the heart; a problem on the left side is a left bundle branch block. Several treatments, including natural alternative options, exist for the condition.


The sinoatrial, or SA, node is a group of cells in the heart responsible for sending out electrical impulses which cause a contraction, or beat, of the heart. The impulses travel first through the upper chambers, or atria, and then move down the left and right bundle branches toward the lower chamber, or ventricle. A block in one side, like the left, slows down the impulse so the ventricles do not beat at the same time.


Many people have left bundle branch block and never know it. It is not unusual for there to be no symptoms. It may be discovered during an annual checkup when the physician hears something unusual when listening to the heart. An electrocardiogram is ordered and it verifies the left bundle branch block. Further tests may be ordered to eliminate any underlying heart problem. If none exists, then no medical treatment may be the best course of action, according to the Mayo Clinic. Natural alternative lifestyle actions for a healthy heart will always be a treatment.

Controlling Blood Pressure

Controlling your blood pressure is a good idea whether or not you have a left bundle branch block. High blood pressure causes undue stress on your heart and leads to other heart problems. One way to accomplish this is by losing weight, which is one method listed by the Mayo Clinic to either prevent or reverse left bundle branch block. Maintaining a low fat diet will lower blood pressure and also help maintain a healthy weight, all of which will benefit your heart. Other natural methods to control blood pressure include exercising at least three times a week for a minimum of 30 minutes each session.


One symptom that might occur for a left bundle branch block is a feeling of fainting or actually fainting. Fainting spells require a medical checkup to determine the cause. One other symptom listed by the Mayo Clinic is a slow heart rate.

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