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For some, going on a diet means counting calories stringently and monitoring every morsel of food that passes their lips. While this method of getting healthy might certainly prove effective in the short term, you may find that the rigor and restriction associated with that type of weight loss is ultimately unsustainable. To get fit without driving yourself to the brink of madness with restrictions, consider some ways that can make your weight-loss efforts a bit more manageable.




Avoid completely eliminating foods. While it may seem like eating healthy means completely giving up your French fries or saying no to chocolate entirely, giving up these favorites may not be the best option. These fatty foods certainly shouldn’t make up a large portion of your diet, but snacking on them from time to time is an effective way to prevent yourself from feeling deprived as you shed those pounds.


Focus on lowering your portions. Many people pack on the pounds because of how much they eat, not what they eat. If you are use to filling your plate to the brim, start your healthy-eating kick by simply cutting down on your portion size. If eye-balling it proves too difficult for you, use a scale or measuring cups to mete out your portions for a while. Some find that switching to a smaller set of dinner plates allows them to eat less without feeling deprived, as they still have the privilege of filling their plate with their favorites.


Fill up on healthy options. Instead of grabbing a bag of chips or cookies when hunger strikes, snack on some fruits and vegetables. Baby carrots, apple wedges and cut broccoli are all an easy and healthy alternative to snack food binging. Prepare healthy foods for snacking by washing them and portioning them into baggies or easy-to-grab containers so you can pick them up whenever you feel the need to munch.


Remain aware of your calorie intake without obsessing over it. Jotting down some calorie figures is a good way to make yourself realize just how much you are eating, but focusing on them as diligently as an accountant focuses on a complicated tax form may leave you burnt out. If you want to count calories, use a scrap of paper and jot them down, but don’t make keeping track of these digits a full-time occupation.


Allow several weeks for noticeable weight loss. You didn’t gain weight overnight, and you won’t lose it that way either. Instead of stepping on the scale each morning and expecting to see a 10-lb. deduction from the previous figure, try weighing yourself every other day or even once a week. Doing so can prevent you from feeling defeated, as your weight naturally fluctuates up and down slightly each day.

On August - 19 - 2012

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