It isn’t just during pregnancy that women crave something salty to eat or crave something sweet or crave certain particular foods; food cravings can happen at other times too and may be an indication of deficiencies or disorders in some cases:

    If you are craving those bacon flavored chips and positively salivate at the thought another sodium laden snack, then there are chances that you are stressed. The adrenal glands generally keep the level of minerals well balanced in the body. When there is an excess of stress, the adrenal glands tend to struggle to do their job, and hence could lead to an imbalance and resultant craving
    If you crave the spicy flavor of say a particular curry, then there is a theory that says your body may be craving the spice or heat because it is not doing a good job at regulating its own temperature and needs spicy foods that induce more seating. There is also a theory that says this may be due to zinc deficiency.
    If you crave chocolates, particularly when you are undergoing PMS, it could be that you have a magnesium deficiency.
    It you crave coffee, it could be your body’s way of telling you, you have been overdoing it; and haven’t been getting enough rest.

On July - 17 - 2012

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