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There’s a word that describes a person who is laid back and mellow — calm. A common misconception about people who are calm is that they live stress free, which is medically impossible. Stress is the natural physical function of every human body. Living stressed-out however, is avoidable.

The biggest influence on how calm you are is your thoughts. Learning how to guide and monitor your thoughts will help you achieve a laid back lifestyle.




Create an everyday relaxation plan. There’s no way to avoid life’s difficulties. There is a way to manage how you respond when those difficulties occur. Have a mental plan of what you will do to help yourself relax after experiencing a stressful situation. Suggestions to consider are walking outdoors for 15 minutes while listening to mind soothing music; play a fun video game; or take a quick 45 minute nap.


Master problem solving. Having a mellow life is partially based on your ability to find solutions to your everyday dilemmas. There’s a story about two men who were in two separate cars when they each had to pull over because of a flat tire. One man saw the flat tire and began to think of ways to take care of the situation. The other man became extremely frustrated at the fact that his tire was flat. 15 minutes later the first man had replaced his tire with a spare and continued on his journey. The second man sat behind the wheel stressed and stranded.

When you decide to learn how to solve the problems that you face, you empower yourself to change what’s changeable and accept what’s beyond your control.


Develop a strong spiritual life. Believing and practicing a religion is an effective way to maintain the positive and balanced disposition of a mellow person. The rituals associated with religious practice — praying, regularly meeting with other believers and learning about your personal destiny, help to keep stress under control.


Laugh as much as possible. Mirthful laughter is attributed to stress control by its calming affect on both the mind and body.

On August - 19 - 2012

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