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Binge eating at night can cause significant weight gain, and it is a habit that can be tough to break. Even if you have been eating healthily during the day, binging on food at night can seriously impact your health. Besides packing on the pounds, eating at night can also lead to poor sleep quality. While it can be difficult to break yourself from binging at night, it is an important thing for you to do to improve your health.

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    Herbal tea


    Go to sleep in a timely manner. One thing that facilitates late night binging is staying up too late. If you are used to eating meals every five hours or so, staying up late can cause your body to desire another meal.


    Distract yourself. If you are bored after dinner and you have nothing to do, you may binge at night out of boredom. Watch television, play a computer game or learn a new craft to fill the time.


    Drink water or hot tea whenever you feel the urge to binge coming on. The water will fill your stomach without adding calories to your diet. A cup of hot herbal tea can help you sleep better.


    Eat nutritiously during the day. If you are depriving yourself of food or you are eating foods that are bad for you, you may be tempted to binge at night.


    Keep track of the food that you eat at night in a journal. Not only does this help you track your eating habits, it also forces you to think about what you are eating before you eat it.


    Brush your teeth early in the evening. This means that if you want to eat afterward, you have to brush your teeth again. This can prevent binging by making it inconvenient.


    Designate a specific place to eating and when you eat. It becomes less tempting to binge at night if you need to sit down properly at the table before you do it.


    Think about why you are binging at night. If you are binging out of depression, fear, or boredom, you need to treat the cause before the binging will stop.

On August - 28 - 2012

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