There are certain people who get unfavorable response to some food, thus, considering it a food allergy. It is said to be an adverse immune response to a certain food protein. We often see friends and family who experience asthma or allergic rhinitis from eating an allergen.   Most common symptoms of food allergy are vomiting, nausea, rashes and diarrhea. This is how the body is reacting to something you have eaten or drank. This is also sometimes called as […]

Grass allergy is one of the more usual type of allergies which affects persons having its histories during the spring and summer seasons. The grass allergies are related to hay fever as indications and causes are the same. If you have a grass allergy, you should learn and understand how to live with this allergy so that you could enjoy being outdoors or sitting in your garden. It’s about quality of life. Symptoms of the allergic reactionAllergy take place when […]

Seasonal Allergies May month is considered as Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month. Many of you whose allergies cause you to dread the end of winter, that’s probably no surprise. This spring has already been labeled as one of the worst allergy seasons in decades, with many experts predicting it to be the worst ever. What’s going on? Some scientists are blaming this especially virulent allergy season on global warming. Plants need warmth and carbon dioxide to grow, both of which are becoming […]

  The first thing you need to know about allergies is , Before considering a H.E.P.A filter in a vacuum. You need to consider a Good vacuum than a sealed vacuum and if your allergies are severe enough than you need a H.E.P.A filter. Some vacuum manufacturer’s choose to mislead the consumer by designing a vacuum and throwing on a hepa filter as an after thought instead the vacuum should be designed around the filter. Pay attention, I did not […]

Many people struggle with allergies. But where does the term “allergy” come from and how is it properly defined? But also what is the difference between an allergy and a response to a stimulus? Is the term allergy over used? When I was first diagnosed with an allergy these were just some of the millions upon millions of questions that came to mind. I was very surprised that many things people consider to be an allergy really aren’t at all. […]

People that suffer from allergies always get to pay more attention to what they eat what they use for cleaning or even stay away from flowers. Since modern technology has evolved a lot, allergy is not that much a problem these days. However, choosing the best allergy relief is not so easy. Whether the it comes in a spray, nose drops or pills, it has to be easy to be carried around and very efficient. In other terms, it has […]

House dust mites produce allergens that known to be among the most common triggers of asthma. According to the American College of Asthma, Allergy & Immunology, approximately 10 percent of Americans exhibit allergic sensitivity to dust mites. The Fall and Winter months are a particular problem, as we closed our houses and the concentrations of dust mites and their feces increases inside. Some of the signs of house dust mite allergies are: Sneezing Itchiness Inflamed eczema Runny nose Nasal congestion […]

Spring has barely arrived, but doctors and patients are already reporting that this is the worst season for pollen in recent years! That means some of the worst times for hay fever and other allergies. A new USDA-led study finds a warming planet makes for more pollen and a longer, more intense allergy season in many parts of the United States. By Leah Zerbe If you’re planning a vacation during prime hay fever season—summer and fall—opt for a spot near […]

So you have been diagnosed with an allergy, now what? This is a position millions of American have been in. Whether you are allergic to food, certain air elements or any number of things in between, once that allergy test comes back positive you need to start living with that allergy. There are two treatment approaches available for people with allergies: avoidance and hyposensitization or what is often called desensitization. Avoidance of the agent that is causing your allergic reaction […]

What is a food allergy and how do you determine if you have one? This article will discuss what a food allergy is and how they are often misdiagnosed. We will also cover what foods are the most common causes of these types of allergies and how best to determine the offending food. If you suspect that you do have one it is important to contact a physician immediately. Food allergies occur at all ages, but are of most concern in children. […]

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