Bundle branch block is a medical condition that results in either a delay or blockage along the electrical impulse pathway in the heart. It can occur on either the right or left side of the heart; a problem on the left side is a left bundle branch block. Several treatments, including natural alternative options, exist for the condition. Anatomy The sinoatrial, or SA, node is a group of cells in the heart responsible for sending out electrical impulses which cause […]

Many people suffer every day from aches and pains. Many experience waist pain. However, you must evaluate the pain. Is it soreness or the start of a much bigger problem? Causes Studies show that women suffer from waist pain more then men. The causes could be obesity, pregnancy, possible bladder infection or even a slipped disc. Burning and pain upon urination is a good sign of bladder infection. Most people are unaware of a slipped disc. They do however, experience […]

Low levels of TSH, or thyroid-stimulating hormone, signal a condition known as hyperthyroidism. TSH is secreted by the pituitary gland based upon a signal from the hypothalamus to stimulate the thyroid, the gland that controls metabolism. Low levels of TSH indicate that the thyroid is overactive and does not require stimulation. An overactive thyroid creates a metabolism that runs too high. Metabolism The thyroid gland controls the body’s metabolism. It secretes T4 and T3, thyroid hormones which regulate metabolism. The […]

When you find yourself without easy access to professional medical help, the ability to fashion crude but effective fixes to health emergencies — like broken legs — can mean the difference between life and death. Depending on what materials you have available, anything from tree branches to trekking poles to the frame of your backpack will work as splinting material. Difficulty: Moderate Instructions things you’ll need: Two rigid supports Padding such as a blanket, pillow, or sleeping bag Rope, cord, […]

A PTT (Partial Thromboplastin Time) test is a blood test that tests your blood’s ability to coagulate quickly and efficiently. It is often used in conjunction with a PT (Prothrombin Time) test. If the PTT test shows a decreased blood response, you will want to increase that response. The good news is that, while decreasing response often requires expensive medical procedures, increasing response is much easier. In fact, your body will do so naturally if you treat it right. Difficulty: […]

Studies show that the most common sleeping style is the fetal position, with about 41 percent of sleepers falling into that category. But experts like Terri Trespicio, senior editor at “Body + Soul” magazine, say that for spine health, sleeping on your back without a pillow is the ideal position; it’s much preferred to sleeping on your stomach, which can flatten the alignment of your lower back and could also affect your neck as it is forced to into an […]

Diabetic patients face an uphill battle. This is a condition that requires constant attention, causing many diabetics to feel overwhelmed by the ongoing burden of self care. For some, this becomes a major obstacle to quality of life, and as a result, they decide to ignore their diabetes and make no lifestyle changes. But there are actions for diabetics to take that can lead to a healthier lifestyle and better quality of life. Diabetics who take on the challenge of […]

In the United States, 34.1 million Americans suffer from asthma and 40 to 50 million Americans suffer from indoor allergies. Many of the allergens that cause these illnesses and symptoms, including molds, pollens, dander and dust mites can be found inside your home. Six out of 10 are exposed to pet dander on a regular basis and eight out of 10 are exposed to dust mites. Minimizing the density of allergens begins inside your home with a few changes to […]

PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome affects many women as it is one of the most common hormonal conditions according to Mayo Clinic. Girls as young as 11 may get it and about five million American women in total are affected. Symptoms include irregular menstrual cycles, infertility, sleep apnea, depression, weight gain, facial hair growth or even acne. It tends to be genetic and if another female in your family has it, you could too. Eat a Healthy Diet Eat more […]

The liver is responsible for fighting infections, cleaning the blood and storing energy. Everything you eat is processed through the liver. When a liver does not function properly, complications in the body could be life-threatening. To help the liver, there are varieties of foods that will improve the function of the liver. Garlic Garlic contains allicin, a sulphur-based compound. It helps the liver get rid of mercury and food additives. Vegetables Broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cabbage and cauliflower contain chemicals that […]

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