Diabetic foot; Prevention and Early Intervention for Diabetes Foot Problem  INTRODUCTION Diabetes can be dangerous to your feet – even a small cut can produce serious complications and lead to losing a toe, foot, or legs. Fortunately, most of these complications can be prevented with careful foot care. In fact, when it comes to foot care, the patient is a vital member of the medical team. It may take time and effort to build good foot care habits, but self-care […]

The amount of antioxidants that you maintain in your body is directly proportional to how long you are going to live…   … I can give you 25 reasons why you should be taking antioxidants everyday. Antioxidants help to reduce the levels of free radicals in your blood stream, they are known as (bad blood cells).   What free radicals do is, they go around and find other bad blood cells to team up with.  When they (bad blood cells) […]

The basic action of this extract is the levelling of your glucose indicators due to its effect of removing the toxins from your organism and through the elimination of excess glucose. The second action, being a result of the first, is the almost immediate disappearance of all the ills associated with diabetes and the recuperation of normal body functions. The result is the disappearance of pain, insomnia, sexual dysfunction, constipation, extreme thirst, hunger, etc. coupled with the immediate start of […]

Diabetes is a very serious disease. Left unchecked, it can bring serious consequences including death. Fortunately, it is a disease that can be managed. Unfortunately most of the people who have diabetes do not know that they have it and hence do not treat it till it become very late. If you suspect you have diabetes, it is very important that you get prompt professional attention and to determine whether you suffer from this. Diabetes mellitus arises when insufficient insulin […]

Everyone knows that smoking is bad for your health. Little good ever comes of this habit and diabetics who smoke are at greater risk for the many complications this dangerous disease causes. The following 7 reasons should give anyone with diabetes pause before they smoke another cigarette. Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy is a disease which affects the peripheral nerves through out the body. This is caused by poor blood circulation which keeps nerve endings from getting the nutrients’ they need. Smoking […]

Women with gestational diabetes are at greater risk of developing type II diabetes, with almost 20% of women developing the condition within 9 years of pregnancy, found a large, population-based study of 659,000 women published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. The study, conducted by a group of researchers from the University of Toronto, Mount Sinai Hospital and the Institute for Clinical and Evaluative Sciences, looked at 21,823 women diagnosed with gestational diabetes and examined follow up records up to […]

As many as one in three women with type 1 diabetes is suffering from some form of sexual difficulty, according to a recently released study. While the sexual difficulties men experience as a consequence of diabetes are usually physical side effects, such as erectile dysfunction from poor circulation and neuropathy in the penis, the sexual side effects women experience seem to be linked to depression rather than physical side effects. More than 600 women were studied and 35 percent of […]

One of the most important steps to living with, and maintaining diabetes, is achieving a healthy weight. However, this can be very difficult. Diabetes can actually cause women to gain weight rather than losing it. The medications used to treat diabetes can interfere with the body’s process of losing weight. In addition, women with diabetes may find it difficult to exercise while maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. Women may also find that the diet restrictions required to lower blood sugar, […]

New findings out of Wake Forest University School of Medicine and the University of East Anglia show that long-term use of a popular class of oral diabetic drugs doubles the risk of fractures in women with type 2 diabetes (type 2 diabetes symptoms). “We knew going into this study that there was an association between thiazolidinediones and fracture risk, however the magnitude of risk had not been evaluated,” said Sonal Singh, M.D., M.P.H., an assistant professor of internal medicine and […]

Aarkstore.com announce a new report through its vast collection of market research report : Epidemiology: Diabetes in India – a country faced with a mammoth diabetes epidemic http://www.aarkstore.com/reports/Epidemiology-Diabetes-in-India-a-country-faced-with-a-mammoth-diabetes-epidemic-127002.html Introduction The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that worldwide, there are currently 220 million people living with diabetes. Diabetes is becoming an important chronic disease in India. In 2010, 45.5 million individuals had diabetes. By 2020, the number of prevalent diabetes cases will increase to 69.7 million. Features and benefits * Gain […]

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