Our post-modern electric kool-aid acid world has swept most rituals into the compost pile. Even defining ritual is a struggle. from Wikipedia: “The purposes of rituals are varied; they include compliance with religious obligations or ideals, satisfaction of spiritual or emotional needs of the practitioners, strengthening of social bonds, demonstration of respect or submission, stating one’s affiliation, obtaining social acceptance or approval for some event — or, sometimes, just for the pleasure of the ritual itself.” Dictionary.com has a number […]

A proper wheelchair exercise program can significantly improve your health and well-being over time. Sitting in a wheelchair for long periods of time can cause annoying restlessness and discomfort. It’s important to maintain a regular and preferably daily routine of exercise to kep your body toned and the mind sharp. Wheelchair exercise will over time help increase strength, improve mobility, flexibility, strengthen the heart and lungs, and help control weight. We understand that every body has a unique situation so […]

Unless there is an existing medical disease in a younger human being, blood movement is usually more of a concern for older adults. While a lot of things can add to this condition, it would seem a natural part of the getting older process for the blood to circulate less. Still, there in fact is little reason for that to automatically be a setback. There is a good deal that can be done to turn around this  situation. Contemporary medicine and other areas have exposed many […]

Never say Diet.  A diet is a quick fix, a short term solution to a problem requiring a permanent change.  So again I repeat, Never Say DIET!   Now you are probably wondering, what should I do to lose this weight, wear a bikini, feel better or have more energy.   You will find several different changes that can be made to your daily living listed here.  You can change one, two or all of them and reap the rewards […]

Are you getting enough quality sleep everyday? Are you feeling restless while you are sleeping, keep tossing and turning in the middle of the night and unable to go back to sleep? Awaken feeling not fresh and even sleepier than ever before, feeling so tired and fatigue. Millions of American suffering from sleep deprivation. Most experts recommend 7 to 9 hours for adult, and up to 10 hours for adolescents and teens per night. Although, of course, it’s not easy […]

They say it is but why? Who pays these people to tell us that good health and exercise are important? The health industry is a $500 billion dollar industry and growing. Think about it. You exercise and you exercise and what do you have to show for your results sore back, bad knees, messed up elbow. Then you go to doctors you make billions of dollars prescribing you drugs to make you feel better. Wait all those drugs have side […]

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of eating breakfast. People who take time for a morning meal consume fewer calories over the course of the day, have a stronger desire to exercise, and are less likely to be overweight or obese. People who skip breakfast are more likely to snack on junk food throughout the day, and overindugle on fatty meals for lunch and dinner. If you are thinking about devising a healthy weight loss plan of action, think […]

One of the most common problems that office workers encounter is that they won’t have much time to exercise. Most of them are becoming disappointed because their figures are becoming ruined as days go by. If you are working in an office, too many works to do and many deadlines to beat will sometimes leave you without any time to go to the gym or any workout center to work out your way fitness. Well, worry no more because there […]

For most people, Neurontin (Gabapentin) will work for chronic back pain. Neurontin is really excreted by the body primarily through the kidneys and not by the liver like most other things. It has also been used for therapy in the treatment of partial seizures in pediatric patients from the ages of 3 to 12. In the 1990’s, the sale of Neurontin was approved as treatment for epileptic seizures. The FDA has approved this to treat epilepsy only when used with […]

Nine Step Method (Child Longevity Nine Step Qigong): A very popular method in Yan Xin Qigong, safe and practical. In modern China, millions have been practicing the method for years with promising results. Practicing it’s first step is a starting point for the learning of all other Yan Xin Qigong methods. Yan Xin Qigong Methods: Master Yan Xin has conducted training workshops in which he taught many special advanced methods in very unique ways. Due to the unconventional energy level […]

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