Children need sleep to avoid feeling fatigued during the day and so they can focus and be productive. According to The Franklin Institute, sleep disturbances in children can result in behavioral problems, medical problems and psychiatric and social issues. If you child is acting out or showing signs of aggression, his sleeping pattern may be to blame. There can be many reasons why your child frequently wakes up at night. Night Terrors And Nightmares Frequent night-waking can be caused by […]

At 7 to 8 months, your baby still needs 24 to 34 oz. breast milk or formula every day. At this age, your baby is starting to develop his fine motor skills and is eager to try out his new knew “pincer grasp” when eating. Introducing “finger foods” into your baby’s diet is a great way to offer her new flavors and textures. Babies usually know when they are full, and it is important to let them recognize and respond […]

By their first birthday, many children have already started eating solid foods. Thereafter, solids play a more important role in their diet. One-year-olds require healthy foods to help them learn and play. Significance One-year-old children are at an age at which the majority of their nutrition comes from solid foods, instead of formula or breast milk. By choosing healthy foods for their 1-year-old, parents assist the child’s growth and development simply by providing his body with essential energy. Types One-year-olds […]

Prostate problems generally affect men over the age of 50. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in men in the United States. Other prostate concerns include prostatism, prostatitis, impotence and urinary incontinence. Prostate health is a concern for many individuals, but there are things that can be done to help prevent problems. Difficulty: Moderate Instructions 1 Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet. A healthy diet should include whole grains, […]

The first few weeks of your newborn’s life are exhausting — for both you and the newborn. Don’t worry, better days are ahead. Sleeping habits of infants change as the months progress, and it’s helpful to know what to expect. Understanding the sleep habits of your infant and using techniques to help them sleep will make the situation better for everyone involved. Birth to 3 Months Infants normally sleep 14 to 18 hours the first week and 12 to 16 […]

The mammogram is a special kind of test that utilizes x-rays to detect breast lesions. Most commonly mammograms are designed to detect early stages of breast cancer by detecting calcifications or organic masses. It is typically offered to female patients beginning at the age of 40 as a screening test. Its results are not 100 percent accurate. Specificity Specificity is a statistical term. In essence it measures the proportion of healthy persons who are correctly labeled as not having the […]

Eating healthy allows your body to create the energy it needs to keep you going throughout the day, as well as provide your body with the vitamins and minerals it needs. Because a teenage body is still growing, it’s important to eat healthy in order to reach your maximum height as well as maintain a healthy weight. Practicing healthy eating habits also encourages proper nutrition. Listen to Your Body When considering eating habits, it is important to pay attention to […]

Adolescents are faced with many challenges as they approach adulthood and drinking alcohol may feel like a solution to solve their angst. According to Mayo, kids are more vulnerable to serious automobile accidents and early sexual activity while under the influence of alcohol. Teenage drinking creates both short term and long term issues — often leading to adult alcohol addiction. Family Family problems and issues greatly affect all facets of young people’s lives. Parents who argue and fight frequently […]

With so many unhealthy choices available to eat these days, it is difficult for kids to know the right foods to eat. Many of the foods available are convenient and inexpensive, but they do not provide the nutrients that adolescents need in order to maintain a high energy level and a healthy weight, as well as prevent diseases. Incorporating a few good habits can make a big difference. Don’t Skip Meals Eating at least three meals a day with several […]

Anthem Health Insurance has been around since the 1980’s. As a result of a merger with Wellpoint Inc., Anthem is now a part of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. As an Anthem member, you have insurance coverage in 11 states. However, if you are traveling outside of those 11 states, you can use your Anthem BlueCard with any provider that is in the Blue Cross Blue Shield network. Difficulty: Easy Instructions 1 Visit the Anthem Blue Cross website. Click […]

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