Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) can cause about a lot of speech and language disorders that would entail the need of speech therapy. That’s why the role of speech therapy in the rehabilitation process of a traumatic brain injury patient is very vital. TBI Speech And Language Problems A person may have loss of consciousness after a traumatic brain injury. This loss of consciousness can vary from seconds, minutes, hours, days, months or even years. The longer you are out of […]

Get organized and pool all your resources to develop an effective workout regimen. A structured plan will help you create a safe workout that will challenge and inspire you. Performing a variety of exercises will make your workout less monotonous. Difficulty: Moderate Instructions things you’ll need: Journal Pen 1 Use your journal to schedule workouts in advance for the entire week. Stick to the schedule and keep it detailed. For example, Monday, Wednesday, Friday perform cardiovascular — such as jog […]

Tons of people have weight loss on their minds. Often the most difficult part of a successful weight-loss program is finding the motivation to stick with it. Getting to the gym or out on the pavement usually is more than half the battle, and the toughest work often is in your mind instead of your body. Drop pounds with tried-and-true tips, and stay on track by motivating yourself on a daily basis. Revving up to get — and stay — […]

The exercise known as neck shrugs work on shoulder elevation and depression while maintaining an upright posture. It works mainly on your trapezius muscles, which is a broad muscle in your back that works to move your shoulders and back in different directions. You can perform neck shrugging exercise with resistance, such as with dumbbells or a barbell, or without resistance. However, too much shrugging can cause poor posture in your upper extremity and neck, as well as shoulder tightness […]

To effectively exercise, counting the calories you burn while using a bicycle can supply you with important information about your routine. The Internet also makes it easy to figure out how many calories are burning by supplying information like your weight, duration of ride and how fast you are riding. The exercise bike is one of the most common pieces of equipment people use and while many newer models actually tell you how many calories you’ve burned, old fashioned bikes […]

T-shirts not only provide a covering for the body, they also offer a way to express, identify and inspire yourself. Designing and wearing a T-shirt that pays homage to the tough, increasingly popular fitness system CrossFit will help identify you to fellow CrossFit enthusiasts — perhaps leading to new friends — and inspire you to see yourself as an athlete every time you glance in a mirror. It may also motivate you to keep up your workout routines. Silhouette Design […]

Whether you are just starting walking for exercise or you’ve been doing it for a long time, it’s rewarding to track both how far you’re walking and how many calories you’re burning doing it. Seeing the distances and calories accumulate will give you a sense of accomplishment and help you track your progress. Fortunately, there are many websites and mobile phone applications that can help you track miles online for weight loss. Difficulty: Moderately Easy Instructions things you’ll need: Computer […]

Before any extensive period of exercise, it is recommended that you warm up. The warm-up basically consists of more moderate exercises than you are about to engage in, and the purpose of the warm-up routine is to loosen your muscles and prepare them for more strenuous activity. The warm-up routine you choose to complete can be customized according to the fitness regimen you have, your preferences and the time you have available before you start the actual exercise. Difficulty: Moderate […]

When lifting weights, it is important to be safe. Lifting heavy weights without taking the appropriate measures to ensure safety can pose a serious threat to one’s health. Equipment that has adjustable bars that can support you during a lift should your muscles fail from complete exhaustion are known as spotter bars. These bars can help prevent serious injury, especially if you do not have a human training partner to assist you in your workout. Squat Rack Squat racks allow […]

Cellulite is a common malady among women concerned about their physical appearance, and it is often harder to deal with than excess pounds. Getting rid of cellulite takes a change in lifestyle and a lot of hard work. Unfortunately, it may not be possible to completely rid yourself of all of the cellulite on your body. However, with some hard work and a positive change in habits, you can dramatically reduce your cellulite problem. Difficulty: Moderate Instructions 1 Change your […]

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