Dry eyes are most common health problem in women, particularly in menopausal women. The main cause for dry eyes is due to fluctuations in most important hormones estrogen (estrogen levels) and androgens. Not only post menopausal women, even pregnant women who use birth control pills and women undergoing hormone replacement therapy are frequently diagnosed with dry eyes. If you are the one among those suffering with dry eyes, here are few effective ways to get better relief. Optimize your diet […]

If you find yourself running to the bathroom frequently, you may be suffering from a condition known as overactive bladder. For some women, frequent urination is an inconvenience. For others, the problem can be so severe that they avoid leaving home. There are several different reasons you may be going to the bathroom frequently. To properly address the problem, you may need to work with your health care provider. One common cause of urinary frequency can be a bladder infection. […]

According to a study, the erectile dysfunction drug Viagra has proven effective at combating sexual dysfunction in depressed women. Sexual dysfunction is a common side effect of antidepressants and a major reason why people stop taking medication for their depression. This is particularly problematic given that twice as many women as men are prescribed antidepressants but the most effective drugs used to combat sexual dysfunction in men are not approved for use in women, the authors wrote. Researchers tested Viagra […]

This is an impulse control disorder that refers to the urge in some individuals to pull out hair from the head, eyelashes, eyebrows, nose hair and other facial hair and even pubic hair. Stress factors in the environment, depression and internal stress could also be stress factors sometimes. It is sometimes classified as habit behavior such as nail biting and picking of the skin, but anxiety, depression and obsessive compulsive disorder are more frequently encountered in people with Trichotillomania. Sufferers […]

National Scottish statistics showed that the rate of alcohol deaths in Scotland registered its highest level of deaths amongst women and that it was even higher than deaths amongst English men. Drinking has now become part of Scottish women’s lives and more than 30 percent of Scottish women are now consuming over 14 units of alcohol per week, which is the limit, recommended by the Government. Thousands of Scottish women suffer from diseases related to alcohol abuse, such as cirrhosis […]

Metabolic syndrome is becoming a rising issue in woman’s health. It is also known as syndrome X or dysmetabolic syndrome. The syndrome is a cluster of health consequences associated with obesity (obesity effects). It increases the risk of cardiovascular disease such as heart strokes, disease, attacks, and peripheral vascular disease. The metabolic syndrome and its effects! The occurrence of metabolic syndrome is very high among women and it is found that about 20-30 percent of the female population is with […]

Radiculopathy is a problem in which one or more nerves are affected and do not work properly and Cervical Radiculopathy is the radiculopathy in the cervical spine. To put it in a way readily understood, cervical radiculopathy is a pinched nerve; wherein there is pressure being put in nerves that radiate out from the spinal column. This is why this is the kind of pain that is distinguished from muscular pain or mechanical pain that a person may experience which […]

One of the medical conditions that can actually result in weight gain even when a woman is doing everything right is when she has the problem of underactive or Hypo Thyroid which is one of the main concerns voiced by our reader commentators in this post. With hypothyroidism, which is ten times more common in women than it is in men, causes a woman’s metabolism to slow down. This results in fatigue and low energy levels and also weight gain. This […]

A South Dakota State University study showed that women who began menstruating at an earlier age had a higher percentage of body fat as adults than women who began menstruating later. But women who began menstruating earlier also had higher bone mineral density in the hip as adult women. They also had greater bone mass and bone density in the femoral neck region of the hip, a common site for hip fracture. These are among the findings in a study […]

It isn’t just during pregnancy that women crave something salty to eat or crave something sweet or crave certain particular foods; food cravings can happen at other times too and may be an indication of deficiencies or disorders in some cases: If you are craving those bacon flavored chips and positively salivate at the thought another sodium laden snack, then there are chances that you are stressed. The adrenal glands generally keep the level of minerals well balanced in the body. […]

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