Hearing aid treatments come in different forms and it does not take a mathematician to understand that they also come in different prices. It can be quite a challenge to determine the best hearing aid prices because the solutions differ in so many ways from another – not to mention that these treatments come in various brands and styles. Prices would normally differ according to the style of hearing aid that you want – whether it is completely canal, half-shell, […]

Mrs. Niva Arora had never heard such a sound. Sitting out on the back porch with her husband, Dev, she kept hearing the noise. She asked her husband about the noise, and he quickly solved the mystery.  “He said, ‘That’s a squirrel,’” Niva said. “I didn’t know squirrels made noise.”  Until a year ago, Niva had difficulty hearing a lot of sounds that many of us may take for granted, including the shrill bark of a squirrel. Her hearing was […]

Most children experience temporary hearing loss due to earwax or Otitis Media. Otitis Media is painful for your child and may lead to hearing loss. It must be treated quickly and correctly. Generally, earwax serves a useful purpose and does not harm your child. If, however, your child suffers from hearing loss due to excessive earwax, go to your family doctor for help. Do not try to remove earwax yourself. You could cause permanent damage to your child’s hearing. Other […]

If you have difficulty hearing in one or both ears or have even lost the ability to hear almost entirely, technology may have the ideal solution. Today’s hearing aids are highly specialized, and they’ve enabled millions of people to enjoy the enhanced quality of life that comes with being able to hear. Whether you’re about to purchase your first hearing aid or you’re interested in an upgrade, exploring all of your options will be worth your while. Today hearing devices […]

Comparing Hearing Aids: With the advent of the digital age technology changes almost daily producing a huge amount of information to sift through, this plus the ever increasing number of competing products makes it very difficult to sort out what is really suited to your needs at the budget you are prepared to pay. Comparing hearing aids is one of these daunting tasks. Unfortunately, one of the most expensive devices that we can buy designed to help us hear better […]

Advances in hearing aid technology mean that we now have many more functions in hearing aids than ever before.  This allows for individual lifestyle and needs to be taken into account when selecting which hearing aid is right for you.  The cost of the hearing aid generally depends on the technology and the features that the hearing includes and not necessarily how the hearing aid looks. Digital Hearing Aids Technology Digital hearing aids first came to market in 1987 with two manufacturers […]

Have you been missing on some sounds lately? Have you always had difficulty hearing? The Lee Majors Hearing Aid lets you hear what you have been missing for a 30-day risk-free trial. This new solution to hearing loss combines the technology of digital hearing aids with the convenience of rechargeable batteries. Click Here For Lee Majors Hearing Aid Limited Free Trial! The Lee Majors Bionic Hearing Aid lets you enjoy a noticeable and digital quality hearing improvement without the bother […]

Hearing ability is one of the most important functions of human body. This ability facilitates a person to take part in various activities that require concentration and attention. One can react properly to others only when the person has strong hearing power. Keeping in mind these problems, various researchers have come up with hearing aids. The latest technological hearing aids are digital hearing aids. Digital hearing aids function like a mini computer, wherein they receive analog sound signals, and at […]

Hearing aid implant is a cross-breed device which provides a therapeutic option for those patients who are not satisfied with hearing aids as they do not adequately distinguish sounds. Hearing aids typically are miniature amplifying devices worn outside the ear by people who have some natural hearing. Cochlear implants are surgically implanted within the ear so as to enable those patients who have no hearing left to pick up and distinguish middle and higher frequency sounds. These bypass the damaged […]

You go to the clinic and they tell you that you have “typical” high frequency hearing loss, but you need “custom” $3,000 hearing aids.  This is an all too common scenario and one that doesn’t have to be. High frequency hearing loss is the most common form.  This type of loss is also referred to as age related hearing loss.  There is no particular cause for this.  It mainly strikes with changes in the inner ear that occur as you […]

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