Whether you have an I Phone or Bluetooth or other fancy phone, you can download a decibel reader or a sound level meter, usually free.  PLEASE do this.  And please have your friends and relatives do this too. Why?  I am an Ear Nose Throat specialist. I treat hearing loss and tinnitus. Jessica, a curly blond age seven came to see me. She has lost hearing. Why? When she was five, at a wedding, they plunked her in front of […]

Hearing aid treatments come in different forms and it does not take a mathematician to understand that they also come in different prices. It can be quite a challenge to determine the best hearing aid prices because the solutions differ in so many ways from another – not to mention that these treatments come in various brands and styles. Prices would normally differ according to the style of hearing aid that you want – whether it is completely canal, half-shell, […]

The human body, regardless which side of the realm personal belief takes you, is perfect in many ways. One is that it can withstand a lot of abuse and still bounce back. This is true of a continuous barrage of loud noises that damage the ear drum and the other tiny little pieces of the inner ear that allow people to hear the smallest noises. It is important that the ears receive hearing protection if the job or play that […]

Mrs. Niva Arora had never heard such a sound. Sitting out on the back porch with her husband, Dev, she kept hearing the noise. She asked her husband about the noise, and he quickly solved the mystery.  “He said, ‘That’s a squirrel,’” Niva said. “I didn’t know squirrels made noise.”  Until a year ago, Niva had difficulty hearing a lot of sounds that many of us may take for granted, including the shrill bark of a squirrel. Her hearing was […]

Of chronic health problems in older adults, hearing loss is the third most prevalent in America. This is 1 in 10 people. It is third only to high blood pressure and arthritis. Here are some facts about hearing loss you may not have known. The fastest growing group of hearing impaired Americans is the Baby Boomers. They make up forty per cent of the hearing impaired population. And more and more young people are experiencing loss of hearing which often […]

Hearing impairment or deafness is when your hearing is affected by a disease, disorder, or injury. Different levels of hearing impairment are defined by the quietest sound heard. This is measured in decibels. Below are the different levels of hearing loss: Mild deafness – The quietest sounds heared are between 25 and 39 decibels. Mild deafness can cause some difficulty following speech, in noisy areas. Moderate deafness – The quietest sounds heared are between 40 and 69 decibels. People with moderate deafness may […]

By Dr Sonia Suprabha Venugopal, ENT Specialist Bangalore What is ear wax? Ear wax or cerumen as it is medically called is produced by small glands in the outer 1/3 rd of the ear canal. The ear wax traps particles and protects the ear. Why does ear wax accumulate? Ear wax is normally pushed to the outside by normal mechanisms of the body. Common causes of ear wax accumulation include: Use of ear buds[ Q tips]: this is the most […]

Most children experience temporary hearing loss due to earwax or Otitis Media. Otitis Media is painful for your child and may lead to hearing loss. It must be treated quickly and correctly. Generally, earwax serves a useful purpose and does not harm your child. If, however, your child suffers from hearing loss due to excessive earwax, go to your family doctor for help. Do not try to remove earwax yourself. You could cause permanent damage to your child’s hearing. Other […]

Do you use an iPod or Zune? A recent government study indicates that one in five youth are in danger of permanently losing their hearing if current trends with portable music players and ear-bud technology continue unchanged. This number translates into a staggering 6.5 million people with varying levels of hearing loss. The question is do we believe this will have long term effects on our youth and young adults, or for that matter, anyone utilizing this technology too much? The simple answer is […]

We often neglect our body and its parts. We tend to be very abusive doing things that can harm it and not really paying attention to the abuse that we do. Often times, we think that what we do to this body part will not harm it, but sometimes they do. Our usual mindset is that we do not care unless we already suffer signs and symptoms of medical conditions. Experiencing signs of something abnormal might just be a signal […]

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