Verbal or physical abuse by a bully at school is not only traumatizing, it can easily escalate if an adult is not informed of the problem before it is too late. Seeing the bully on a daily basis can be problematic and avoiding them is easier said than done due to the aggressive, unpredictable behavior of most bullies. A major factor in the bully’s behavior is the need to exert dominance over you, which is often due to his or […]

It’s a pretty obvious statement, but few people really enjoy being wrong. When a fear of “being wrong” begins to interfere with our personal and professional lives, it’s usually time to make some changes. Knowing how to start making those changes can often make all the difference in overcoming our anxiety. Lower Your Expectations In a 2009 Psychology Today article, Michael J. Formica wrote that “if we are constantly focused on making the right decision, we will sometimes find ourselves […]

There’s a word that describes a person who is laid back and mellow — calm. A common misconception about people who are calm is that they live stress free, which is medically impossible. Stress is the natural physical function of every human body. Living stressed-out however, is avoidable. The biggest influence on how calm you are is your thoughts. Learning how to guide and monitor your thoughts will help you achieve a laid back lifestyle. Difficulty: Moderate Instructions 1 Create […]

It is not uncommon for a sleep pattern to be altered. This can occur because of a late-night outing, for example. A messed-up sleep pattern can be a hindrance since many people have rigidly-structured schedules tied to work or school. Your sleep patterns are largely determined by the amount of light to which you are exposed. Darkness triggers a hormone called melatonin which makes you tired. Difficulty: Moderately Easy Instructions things you’ll need: Melatonin tablets (optional) 1 Decide what time […]

Excessive stress can have an impact on both your professional and personal life. Instead of simply accepting this stress as a way of life, fight against it while having fun by engaging in stress-relief games. An assortment of games allow you to put the challenges of life behind you and take a much-needed moment to rest and relax. Participating in such games can reduce your stress and make your daily life more manageable. Basic Board Games Basic board games can […]

Many situations can make people nervous. Sometimes the stakes are high, such as performing at an important concert, making a game-winning free-throw shot or doing well at a high-profile job interview. In other situations, the context may be more personal, such as going on a first date or meeting your in-laws for the first time. Nerves or jitters come with the territory. People experience episodes of nervousness when something is at stake. It is important to develop coping techniques and […]

Getting angry on occasion or having an urge to eat a tub of ice cream now and then is not typically problematic; however, when an impulse becomes constant or uncontrollable, it can cause a great deal of suffering and disturbance. Life can feel like it is spinning out of control and the impulses are taking over. Regaining control, balance and peace of mind takes attention, work and sometimes professional assistance. Psychiatry Stephen J. Hucker, forensic psychiatrist and professor at the […]

Grief is a healthy emotional response to a loss or traumatic event. Grief camps provide safe nurturing environments equipped to help grief stricken children. Camp activities can include different types of art. Art activities provide children with open-ended therapeutic outlets to work through the wide range of emotions associated with suffering, loss and trauma. Visual Art Activities Provide your camper with a wide choice of visual art production opportunities. You can suggest that she draw pictures that reflect upon special […]

Scary thoughts that interrupt your day, distract you from the task at hand and interfere with daily living, are often a sign of anxiety or depression. When your brain is churning with thoughts of the worst, it’s impossible to achieve peace of mind. While recovering from negative thoughts and fearful ideas often takes time and effort, it can be done. There are several methods you can work with, until you find the help that is most beneficial to you. Difficulty: […]

Binaural beats are sounds designed to alter a person’s mood; as specific frequencies are introduced to the brain through different tones delivered into the right and left ears. These separate tones are perceived by the brain as one single tone. Binaural beats are the result of scientific research and have become more widely used in the last 20 years. It is believed that these beats have a soothing affect on brain waves, resulting in moods of relaxation and creativity. Difficulty: […]

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