Proper body mechanics reduce the risk of injury for health-care workers who provide mobility assistance to patients. It is important for employees to be instructed in lifting techniques that reduce the amount of force required and the amount of repetitive movement, and techniques that avoid awkward postures that put the spine at risk of injury. There are several types of lifting techniques that are used in the health field. One Person Stand Pivot A one person stand pivot lifting technique […]

Healthy food storage is essential for extending the shelf life of perishable foods and keeping all foods fresh and tasty. When you store food correctly, you dramatically reduce the risk of contracting food-borne illnesses from food contamination, bacteria or pathogens, and you ensure that your food tastes better and is more nutritious. Refrigeration Refrigerate fresh produce, fruits, vegetables, dairy products and other perishable foods as soon as possible after buying them. Do not keep refrigerated items at warmer than 40 […]

There are three basic types of avalanches. The first, and most deadly, is a slab avalanche, where harder, more cohesive snow settles on on a softer, weaker layer that can’t support it. The second, and generally the least dangerous but fastest moving, is a loose snow avalanche, composed of mostly loose, powdery snow. The third type is a wet snow avalanche which occurs when warm temperatures melt the top layer and loosen bonds between the layers of snow. Slope Slope […]

DNA testing is an important procedure for determining who the father of a child is. If you live in the state of Florida and there is a question as to who the father of your baby is, then the most straightforward thing to do is to go to a clinic or hospital and get the testing done. If you want a test for free, it might require some additional work, but you can still do it. Difficulty: Moderate Instructions 1 […]

Mycorrhizal fungi combine with plant roots to form a symbiotic relationship whereby the fungi give nutrients, water and protection to the plant in exchange for food in the form of carbon. A single plant can host several species of mycorrhizal fungi. For example, up to 2000 species of fungi can be associated with the roots of a single Douglas fir tree. Plant Health Each species of fungus has different capabilities in regard to supplying nutrients, water and protection to a […]

Southeastern Tennessee includes the counties of Franklin, Grundy, Marion, Hamilton, Bledsoe, Sequatchie, Rhea, Meigs, McMinn, Bradley and Polk. A lot of information about the geological resources of southeastern Tennessee is collected and disseminated by the Tennessee Division of Geology, which was once the Tennessee Geological Survey. Tennessee was one of the first states to establish a geologic service and research organization. Gemstones Agate is thought to be plentiful in some areas of Tennessee, but it’s difficult to get to. Jupiterimages/ […]

Your diet and daily habits can discolor your teeth, turning a beautiful smile full of white, pearly teeth into a stained grin. Cigarettes, coffee, cola, wine and other products can stain your teeth. Excess fluoride from toothpastes and your water supply can also cause discoloration. There are several solutions available that can whiten your teeth to create a picture-perfect smile. Power Whitening Power whitening uses light technology called photopolymerization to whiten your teeth. This procedure is performed by a dentist. […]

Human behavior begins developing at birth and continues to develop throughout life. The typical human has successive phases of growth during life, and those phases consist of infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood and late adulthood. During each of these phases a person’s behavior is shaped and molded based on their experiences and also their cognitive abilities. Infancy/Toddlers In infancy, humans are beginning to experience life through their different senses. Infants learn that they receive certain things in response to certain behaviors; […]

Luncheon meats are convenience foods that may cost you your health and your life. According to the World Cancer Research Fund and the American Institute for Cancer Research, all processed meats, such as hot dogs and bologna, should be limited or even avoided in a healthy recommended diet. Luncheon meat dangers include the use of sodium nitrate or nitrite, are high in salt, high in fat and are too much meat for one’s good health. Sodium Nitrate or Nitrite Sodium […]

Mentally retarded patients in California have the same rights as patients without intellectually disabling diseases or conditions. Though many continue to use the terms mentally retarded or mental retardation, as of the passing of Rosa’s Law in 2010 federal law requires the use of the terms intellectual disabilities or intellectually disabled in issues regarding education, employment and health (except in Medicaid applications). Consideration and Freedom from Abuse Intellectually disabled patients in California facilities have the right to be free from […]

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