New Balance walking sticks, marketed as “poles,” are available through large chain retailers. These walking poles are telescoping poles that allow custom fit or adjustment when walking uneven terrain. Additionally, the walking sticks-poles come with large baskets for use in snow or sand and have rubber caps on the bottoms that come off to expose metal tips for walking on ice. Difficulty: Easy Instructions 1 Grip the round barrel on the pole and twist counterclockwise. Pull the pole out, making […]

ATV, or all-terrain-vehicle, riding is a popular recreational pastime for both adults and children. It has also become a popular family activity. As a result, there is strong demand across the U.S. for ATV parts and accessories. Opening an ATV parts store can be a good business opportunity. To maximize your chances of success, study your local market and plan accordingly. Your goal should be to identify and exploit the specific demand within a market while covering the full spectrum […]

The Wellcraft 210 Sportsman is a small cruising motorboat, which caters to both the fishing and water skiing crowds. Equipped with a Mercury engine, and with an option of a second engine, the 210 Sportsman is a versatile motorboat. It comes with a 10-year structural hull warranty. There is also a Wellcraft 210 Fisherman available, which is equipped with a similarly powerful Yamaha engine, but is slightly less bulky in form. General Features The Wellcraft 210 Sportsman has port and […]

Built by Polaris Industries, the Sportsman 700 is a four-wheel all-terrain vehicle (ATV) designed to work in extreme conditions while operating on all types of terrain. Utilizing a twin-cylinder, fuel-injected engine with electric start, the Sportsman is ideal for transporting cargo, towing, hauling or trail riding. The Sportsman 700 is considered a hard-working model, and it does develop problems from time to time. However, you can troubleshoot many of these problems yourself without having to take the Sportsman to a […]

The Chinese ring-necked pheasant is one of the most popular game birds in the United States among hunters and diners alike. Changes in farming practices and continued urban sprawl into previous farmlands have led to a decline of natural breeding areas for these birds. Many people are choosing to raise pheasants to reintroduce into the wild, to keep as pets or for the dinner table. Successfully hatching pheasant eggs can be accomplished with the same tools and methods currently used […]

The Zippo Outdoor Utility Lighter is designed for use in outdoor situations, including camping. Featuring a fuel-level window, a rubber grip, metal construction and an advanced ignition system, the Zippo lighter uses butane to propel the flame. Because butane is used to produce a flame, it is necessary to refill the lighter. Follow a few basic steps to successfully refill the Zippo Outdoor Utility Lighter. Difficulty: Moderately Easy Instructions 1 Determine that the fuel is low or empty in the […]

The double bridle, also known as a full bridle, is an advanced technique used by horse riders. Riders who are ready to advance to a double bridle should acquaint themselves with holding the reins before they start to ride. Although it may feel strange at first, a little practice will add confidence when using this technique. Make sure to be aware of the comfort of your horse during the learning process, as misuse may cause mouth pain or agitation. Difficulty: […]

Many pieces of modern camping gear use bungee cords to support and reinforce the gear materials. When the bungee is lost, ripped or in disrepair it requires replacement. It is important to use bulk bungee in the same diameter as the original cord. If unsure of the diameter, bring a scrap of the bungee to be replaced to a camping gear store and compare it to the available sizes. Replacing the bungee is also dependent on where the bungee came […]

MOLLE packs use a simple system of nylon straps and ballistic plastic “quick-clips” to adjust and modify the pack as needed. MOLLE packs are US military issue bags given to soldiers. These packs are sold in Army-Navy shops and come in handy for non-military uses such as hiking, backpacking and trekking. MOLLE stands for Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment. The system replaced the ALICE packs formerly issued to soldiers. MOLLE shoulder straps use a tightening and loosening sleeve in conjunction with […]

The United States military issues the MOLLE packs to soldiers in the field. MOLLE is the acronym for the Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment. MOLLE packs are made to be quick to assemble and modify when in the field, using a modular system of clips and fixtures. These packs, such as the MOLLE II Assault Pack, are available for civilian purchase at surplus gear shops. Difficulty: Moderately Easy Instructions 1 Put the FLC (Fighting Load Carrier) over your torso like a […]

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