You’re or someone you know having symptoms of the sleep disorder known as Sleep Apnea? However, it is all too popular for people who suffer from this disorder to be unaware of the symptoms, and because of this the issue can potentially become fatal for those who do not seek treatment. First, you need to know the definition of what sleep apnea is. This sleep disorder affects the breathing process as well as the good quality of REM sleep. When […]

For those who lose Sleep Apnea due to being periodically shaken awake, and for those who’re around them and sleep with them, an actual cure for snoring would be a life-enhancing gift. While there may not be an outright cure for snoring, there’re some useful ideas and tools that can alleviate the issue. Many of the things that may be deemed “cures for snoring” are health related, such as maintaining a healthy body weight and cutting down on overly fatty […]

Almost everyone snores at one time or another. You will find that even babies and pets too will snore. However, this is something that can become a serious problem, especially when it effects the quality of your sleep and also it can create problems in a persons relationship as well. Finding out the causes of this can help to restore sleep and also improve your relationship. Here is more on why snoring causes serious problems and thing that you can […]

There are quite a lot of people who suffer from snoring. This can sometimes be very annoying to live with and also it can lead to several health problems. If you suffer from this condition and are searching for a cure, then here are some ways to help stop snoring. It is a fact that just about everyone snores whether they are aware of it or not. Not just adults will suffer from this annoying problem, but also babies snore […]

New study links high blood pressure to a sleep disorder. Do you snore? Do you sometimes suffer breathless sensation even if you are not dreaming or worse having a nightmare? Take care; snoring seems harmless but it can be considered as potentially dangerous sleep disorder medically termed as sleep apnea (absence of breath). Sleep apnea occur when a person stops breathing as often as 15 times an hour during the night, apparently increases the risk of high blood pressure. Those […]

Sleep deprivation is acutely stressful and it can be deadly. It can disorientate; it can muddle your brain and cause you to become emotionally unstable; it can even kill you. Yet millions of long suffering parents worldwide have a child who tortures them every night with a snoring racket that can rival the noise of a chainsaw in full swing. But more importantly it’s not just you, the parents, who suffer sleepless nights when your child snores at this decibel […]

Snoring can be the culprit for poor health, fatigue, irritability and even divorce. It’s no consider there are over three hundred snoring treatments swarming the market today. How do those of us who’re exhausted from sawing wood for 8 hours a day find the snoring remedy that works? The fastest way is to pinpoint the reason for the snoring. Snoring is created by blocked airways. Soft tissues at the back of the throat constrict, and fresh air forced through the […]

We live in a great paced world. From the high speed Internet connection we utilize at work or home, to the latest news on television, things are getting quicker by the minute. We do all that we can to keep up, and at night our minds and bodies need rest. So why should a problem like snoring keep us from obtaining the sleep that we need each night? Is there easy snoring solution out there? Snoring is a respiratory problem […]

Getting a good night’s sleep is very important because if we don’t get enough sleep we feel tired, fatigued and could have trouble concentrating throughout the day.  Also accidents are caused from tiredness especially driving accidents.   Sleep is described by the experts as REM, rapid eye movement and NREM which means non REM.  NREM has four stages of increasing deep sleep with 1 being the lightest and 4 being the deepest.  So to get a good night’s sleep we all […]

In my profession I have the pleasure of being able to know first hand, from clients, just how successful my programs are and how pleased people are with the results.  Sometimes my clients will contact me and ask about other issues they have and ask if my program would help with those as well.  Recently, attention has been directed to my Stop Snoring program.  Clients have contacted me and let me know that this program has helped stop snoring related […]

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