Majority folks automatically think of ringing in the ears with what is referred to as tinnitus. However, while that is often encountered with this condition, there is more to it than that. Based on US government statistics, more or less 12% of men from 65 to 75 years are affected with tinnitus. There are other unique statistics such as a greater tendency among males of Caucasian origin, for instance. Many instances of this ear condition are not severe and easily ignored. In addition, some who dtermine they […]

Whether you have an I Phone or Bluetooth or other fancy phone, you can download a decibel reader or a sound level meter, usually free.  PLEASE do this.  And please have your friends and relatives do this too. Why?  I am an Ear Nose Throat specialist. I treat hearing loss and tinnitus. Jessica, a curly blond age seven came to see me. She has lost hearing. Why? When she was five, at a wedding, they plunked her in front of […]

Are you suffering from tinnitus? Is the constant ringing you are hearing causing you a lot of problems? Tinnitus Miracle by Thomas Coleman will show you just how to get rid of your tinnitus permanently. If you are suffering from tinnitus, you are not alone. I have been a sufferer for more than two years and I understand that it is a great inconvenience and a lot of times you just can’t help but feel a deep paranoia that one […]

Noise pollution (or environmental noise) is displeasing human-, animal- or machine-created sound that disrupts the activity or balance of human or animal life. A common form of noise pollution is from transportation, principally motor vehicles The word noise comes from the Latin word nausea meaning seasickness. Noise pollution human-created noise harmful to health or welfare. Environmental pollution is the product of human settlement patterns and activities.The environmental quality of developing countries mega-cities experiencing. Transportation vehicles are the worst offenders, with […]

Tinnitus–ringing or other “phantom” noises in the ears–is common and usually harmless–but it can drive people crazy. It can rob sufferers of sleep, concentration, and peace of mind. There’s no one cause, and no one cure. When to See Your Doctor According to the Mayo Clinic, you should see your doctor if your ears start ringing after a cold and it doesn’t go away within a week.  If ear-ringing appears suddenly, with no apparent cause, or if it comes  with […]

Temporary tinnitus is generally known as a perception of sound and ringing within your ear even when there is zero noise currently found. This particular awareness of noise can truly drive anyone mad, or interfere with them during their way of life. Long-term Tinnitus patients complain about light headedness, a lot of buzzing noise which may overwhelm other much softer noises, and also pressure and irritation inside of their heads that does not end. There are lots of things that […]

Last year, a good friend of mine suffered from an intolerable problem of a ringing in one ear. Her doctor said that this was not tinnitus as she could only hear the ringing from one side, and not both and started here on antibiotics. These did nothing. After further tests at her insistence, it turned out that she was actually affected in quite a bad way and her doctor wasn’t sure what could be done to help her. Together we […]

If you are suffering from tinnitus and have tried everything to cure it but it just wouldn’t go away, Tinnitus Miracle promises to get rid of your tinnitus in just 2 months. I have tried it and will share with you my experience. I am a single woman in my mid 20s who has been suffering from tinnitus for 2 years. The constant ringing just wouldn’t go away and as a result affected my work and personal life. I just […]

If you’re suffering from pulsatile tinnitus then you are in the 3% of tinnitus sufferers who suffer this particular form of tinnitus. And you know that the sounds you hear have a rhythm that matches your pulse and heartbeat. Sometimes called pulsating tinnitus, these rhythmic sounds are produced by an increase or decrease in the blood flowing through the arteries and veins of the neck and base of the skull, and, the small blood vessels in the ears. So what […]

Short-term tinnitus is usually generally known as a sense of noise or buzzing in the head even if there is no sound presently found. This specific consciousness of sound will drive anyone nuts, or even tamper with them in their way of living. Long term Temporary tinnitus sufferers worry about light headedness, extreme humming noises that will overpower other much softer sounds, along with pressure and discomfort within their heads which does not go away. There are many things that […]

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